We D.R.E.A.M. of seeing 10,000 lives REDeemed

In order to reach that goal, we found a new location to fulfill the vision God has given RED Church.


Join us as we each prayerfully consider our part in all of this. Below are more details.

The Ultimate Goal?  Raise $500,000 over the next 3 years toward a building for RED Church.  This will give us the flexibility we need as the opportunity presents itself.

Take some time to watch this video and listen to Pastor Jayce as he shares the vision for the Impact Building Campaign and click here for more information about our new building!

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Impacting Lives to impact the world.

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How can i get involved?

  • 757 Prayer INITIATIVE

    Join us as we pray daily at 7:57AM & 7:57PM.

    Prayer Points: 

    1. Wisdom: God would give us wisdom in location and timing.
    2. Location: God would place us where he wants RED Church to continue IMPACTING LIVES to Impact the world for Jesus.
    3. Finances: That God would provide the finances that we actually need.
    4. Favor: From God, with men, and with businesses.
    5. Your Impact: Please ask God to reveal to you what you can give toward this vision.
    6. Unity: That we would be united during this season, and put Jesus first individually and corporately.
  • Download the 50 Days of Impact Daily Devotional

    This is a daily devotional throughout the 50 Days of Impact as we align our hearts with the vision God has given RED Church.

    Click here to download the devotional

    (Left click to view, or Right click, choose Save save to your computer)


    Need more information on fasting?  Here is some information on what fasting is and why we do it.

  • Join a small group

    One way you can get involved is to join a small group.  A small group is a great way to get involved in a community, and to join with others to pray for the future of RED Church.

    Are you a Small Group Leader or Host?  Here are your 50 Days to Impact Videos!

  • Join the Growth Track/RED Church

    Ready to take the next step in your faith but not sure how? Join the Growth Track! The Growth Track includes three gatherings that will equip you to radically pursue God, emphatically love others, and dramatically impact the world.

  • Pledge

    If you would like to make a pledge, please follow these steps:

    If you would like to make a one time donation, please follow these steps:

    • From click the "I want to give online" link
    • On the left side, click "Quick Give"
    • Under the "My Donation" title, enter the amount and choose "Building Fund - Impact Campaign" in the "To" field.
    • Fill out the rest of the information and click "Submit"

You have questions?

We have answers!

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Why are we raising money for a building?

  1. Practical: We are at the mercy of the school principals each year.  We could be out of the school building with only a 2 week notice to find a new place. 
  2. Expand ministry: There are certain things we cannot do because we do not have our own place. (for example, we have to find other meeting places for special meetings and rehearsals, etc.) 
  3. Effective ministry: With our own building we can move an event indoors if bad weather were to occur.  We are unable to do this while meeting at the school.
  4. Focused ministry: It takes 1,200 - 1,500 man hours per month to do Sunday morning service.  With less man hours setting up and tearing down each week, we can focus more of our time and attention on guests as well as other areas of ministry. 
  5. Caring for our people: Many of you know the work that goes into setting up and tearing down everything every week.  Instead of focusing on the numerous tasks at hand, we'd be able to better care for the people of the church as well as the guests.
  6. Reaching the lost: In this culture, people may not be as trusting with Christians and churches.  We have to earn their trust before they will listen.  Having our own building would bring a level of legitimacy and says we are established and here for you. 

Bottom line: 

We want to see lives REDeemed, and to be a spiritual home for people.  

To do that, we need a home of our own.

What are the parameters for our new building?

  1. Virginia Beach, near I-264, is the ideal location.
  2. A place that has at least 10,000 square feet of space.
  3. An auditorium space that seats at least 360.
  4. We need at least 200 parking spots.
  5. Ample space for kids ministry.
  6. Classroom-sized room for Growth Track classes (Seats 20-30).
  7. Medium-sized rooms for other meetings. (Seats around 70-80).

What type of building are we looking for?

  1. Buy or Lease a building
  2. Land to build
  3. An old church to acquire
  4. Warehouse
  5. Department store
  6. Hotel on oceanfront
  7. Night club
  8. Old school

Bottom line: 

In Virginia Beach, land and buildings are tough to come by. 

So we need to be ready when God opens up a door.

When will we begin to raise money and how will we do it?

  1. 50 Days of Impact will begin in February 2017, although we can begin to make contributions at any time.
  2. Pledges will be based on a 3 year commitment.  For example, a monthly pledge will consist of 36 installments.  So, $100 per month would equal to $3,600.  If 155 people pledge $100 per month, we would meet the goal of $500,000.
  3. Individuals will have an opportunity to make a pledge according to their own abilities at the end of the 50 Days of Impact series.
  4. Ideally we would raise the $500,000 in 2-3 years. 

Bottom line: 

Imagine the first day in our new building with everything already setup, a full cafe of snacks, kids area full of laughter, people worshipping together in a new place of worship, people coming in just because they saw our sign, and ultimately, lives being changed...REDeemed. 

What can I do?

  1. We're asking everyone to pray at 7:57AM and 7:57PM every day to pray for the right location, the finances, and for wisdom on how and when to proceed.
  2. Prepare and pray for what you would give in the next 3 years.  (see PLEDGE below for some options to consider).
  3. Stand strong.  We are making headway, so let's all hold the fort as we all serve and give. 

PLEDGE: If 155 people gave $100 a month for 3 years, we would reach our goal.  However, not everyone has the same resources needed to reach the goal, so we are looking for:

2 people to give $1,000/month for 3 years

5 people to give $500/month for 3 years

20 people to give $250/month for 3 years

50 people to give $100/month for 3 years

30 people to give $50/month for 3 years

20 people to give $20/month for 3 years

*** NOTE:  This campaign and pledge would be in addition to your regular giving.

Pleaser remember every little bit counts!  Even if you are only able to give $20 a month, that will add up over time.  

If 15 people gave $20 a month, that's $300 a month, $3600 a year or $10,800 in 3 years.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Month 1 - $300
Month 2 - $600
Month 3 - $900
Month 4 - $1200
Month 5 - $1500
Month 6 - $1800
Month 7 - $2100
Month 8 - $2400
Month 9 - $2700
Month 10 - $3000
Month 11 - $3300
Month 12 - $3600
Month 13 - $3900
Month 14 - $4200
Month 15 - $4500
Month 16 - $4800
Month 17 - $5100
Month 18 - $5400
Month 19 - $5700
Month 20 - $6000
Month 21 - $6300
Month 22 - $6600
Month 23 - $6900
Month 24 - $7200
Month 25 - $7500
Month 26 - $7800
Month 27 - $8100
Month 28 - $8400
Month 29 - $8700
Month 30 - $9000
Month 31 - $9300
Month 32 - $9600
Month 33 - $9900
Month 34 - $10200
Month 35 - $10500
Month 36 - $10800

What will the set up and tear down team do once we get to the new building?


There will be plenty of other opportunities to serve.  We will need grounds keepers, painters, general maintenance, etc.  They can also serve in other areas they may be passionate about.  They can also begin to hang out with others before and after church instead of setting up or tearing down.  The Key - Maintain the heart of serving and the heart of reaching the lost. If it's part of the vision of the church, serving shouldn't change. 


Are there any outside of RED Church giving us counsel and wisdom in raising money?


God has blessed RED and allowed us to develop relationships with qualified individuals.  Scott Weatherford, who is part of a multi-million dollar company that helps churches do fundraising, will be hired on to help us with this process.  We also have several leaders and pastors that are sharing their knowledge and experience with us.


Can we get investors from businesses?



Impacting lives to impact the world.

Click "MAKE A PLEDGE" below to make your pledge today!

If you would like to make a one time donation, please click here. Choose the "Quick Give" option and then from the menu choose "Building Fund - Impact Campaign".