Executive Pastor

Job Classification: Full Time

Reporting to:  Lead Pastor


The Executive Pastor will assist the Lead Pastor to accomplish the mission and vision of RED Church and will be able to create, implement, and manage systems and processes along with personnel, to bring the vision of the Lead Pastor from ideation to activation.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Meets biblical qualifications for the role

  2. Proactively communicate, support and fulfill the mission, vision, core values, purposes and goals of the church.

  3. Implement systems and processes that allow for the staff to efficiently and effectively accomplish their jobs.

  4. Overseer of Operations

  5. Overseer of Ministry

  6. Provide protection for the Senior Pastor, allowing him to focus on his calling without undue administrative, supervisory, or management involvement.

  7. Help staff and volunteer staff follow best practices

  8. Develop and keep current the following documents: Church By Laws, job descriptions for all staff, HR policies, along with any other administrative documents.

  9. Review and evaluate contracts and agreements to insure best business relationships for the church.

  10. Oversee all church-wide events to insure successful execution

  11. Review and evaluate contracts and agreements to insure best business relationships for the church.

  12. Work in coordination with all staff members in order to maximize their success as well as the success of their ministry areas.

  13. Coordinate with Lead Pastor to plan and implement meaningful staff meetings and planning retreats.

  14. Coordinate with lead pastor to develop yearly budget proposal to elders and oversee implementation of budget

  15. Other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor

Experience in: 

  • Church Administration and Leadership Development

  • Other Serving ministries

  • This position receives the VISION and VALUES from the Mission and Vision of the church. This position will help determine the current priorities as it relates to the overall church. This includes:

  • Help people to “Meet Jesus”

  • Choosing and equipping leaders

  • Choosing materials

  • Identifying procedures, policies and projects

  • Identifying partners

  • Creating processes for involvement (for participants and leaders)

  • Proven leadership qualities.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Proven ability to effectively lead and develop teams.

  • Unwavering love for people. All people matter.

  • Understanding of the Bible and be able to connect God’s word to life situations.

  • Formal education in Bible College or Seminary.